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Where I am…

March 21, 2012

For some of my overseas counterparts, it’s not all flowers and roses:

This is the basement I’m sleeping in right now – you can tell it’s mine by the wonderful artwork…! It looks much worse than it is, but it’s really quite nice.

It’s only temporary until I go back to the UK or move into the studio full time. Perhaps if you don’t struggle for art, it isn’t really art…?

The thing that keeps me going, is that all the people I want to help have less than I do, live in worse conditions than I do, and totally have a messed up life compared to mine!!! What on earth do I have to complain about…? I have a fantastic life… If I didn’t have my talent and my motivation and passion, I’d be destitute…!

All my artwork is for sale btw – in case I didn’t say that, I do make a living by selling my artwork – I don’t live in luxury, but I do live in America! There ARE people in this country that live worse than I do…! Hard to believe, I know, but… THEY need helping…

I think I’m getting a grant to build Pants-4-Art to help these people… BUT even if I don’t, I’m still doing it…!

Even when you think you are down, there is always, ALWAYS somebody more down than you!!!

“The best time to smile is when you don’t feel like smiling.”

Ant :c)

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