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How You Can Help

Hello Helpful People…!

As you know, “Sell Yer Pants…!” is a fun artistic charity project of mine, but has a very serious purpose: to raise lots of money for worthy causes. You have all been a great help so far (and it’s only in its infancy!) There is a lot of work involved in contacting the famous folks and celebrities, putting the word out there on the street, and then actually having enough time to make the pieces of celebrity art. Not to mention do something to earn money – since ALL proceeds from this project go to charity!

Here are some suggestions of ways you can MASSIVELY help share and lighten my workload:

  1. Email or write to your favorite celebrity and tell them about the project.
  2. Follow my blog, Facebook page, and twitter the project up.
  3. Blog about the project.
  4. Tell all your friends about the project.
  5. Buy my other artwork <g> it will certainly help me pay my bills!
  6. Keep posting nice, encouraging messages everywhere. They really mean a LOT.
  7. Anything else you can think of to help promote the project.

That’s about all I can think of for right now! I REALLY appreciate all the support this project is receiving, pleas keep up all the great work. THANK YOU!

I love you all…!


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