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As “Pants-4-Art” gets more exposure, I’ll be adding links here to news articles and write-ups about the project:

The Morning Call – January 12, 2013

Excerpt: “Adorning a large stretch of wall the center of the loft was 15-piece art installation, “Fabric of the Community,” which was offered at silent auction by the individual panel or as a whole. Executed under the direction of Anthony Donnelly, founder of the fundraising arts initiative Pants-4-Art, the collage-like assembly of art was created in a “painting free-for-all” held at The Mansion art studio on N. Eighth Street in December. Contributors include children under age 12 and local artists who volunteered for the project. Five of the panel “canvases” were actually pants stretched onto frames — including pants donated by Mayor Ed Pawlowski; Brooks Joyner, Allentown Art Museum president/CEO, and Shannon Slattery Fugate, Baum School of Art executive director. Donnelly notes he is often asked, “You want my pants to do what with?” when seeking donations. “Fabric of the Community” will be exhibited at the Allentown Art Museum’s Community Gallery later this month.”

The Express Times – December 22, 2012

Excerpt: “Anthony Donnelly is bringing attention to the Lehigh Valley’s art scene one pant leg at a time.

Donnelly, a native of London who currently resides in Allentown, is the creator of the Pants-4-Art project: a unique project in which donated pants are stretched, ripped, clipped and turned into works of art.”

The Morning Call – December 1, 2012

Excerpt: “In commemoration of Allentown’s 250th anniversary, local artist Anthony Donnelly is creating a multi-panel, 6-by-10-foot fabric cityscape made out of pants from the community. This form of art, created by Donnelly for his “Pants-4-Art” celebrity charity fundraising project in 2011, uses pants signed and donated by prominent figures in Allentown and reworks them into a large canvas.”

Contribute One – May 2, 2012

Excerpt: “The idea was soon born: Instead of bugging celebrities for their time for endorsements and advertisements his idea was to ask celebrities to donate and sign their pants for him so he can paint and after the masterpiece is done, he would auction it for charity! In return to money going to charity, the only thing Anthony wants in return is recognition for the local Allentown art scene and this is his way of helping artists get recognition. With society’s obsession with celebrities, this idea has the potential to generate millions of dollars. Anthony said he would focus on making the idea nationwide in the United States then bringing it to the world.”

KRISP Magazine – April 22, 2012

Excerpt: “The Lehigh Valley is often overlooked as a hub of innovation and creativity, due to its convenient proximity to Philly and NYC, even though it was home to Bethlehem Steel, which built most of modern America, and Allentown kept the Liberty Bell safe from British looters. Small wonder, then, that London-born artist and sculptor, Anthony Donnelly – a resident of the Valley for almost four years – chose to launch his new celebrity, charity art project, “Pants-4Art” here, although he was given the option of any city in the nation to base his ambitious endeavor.”

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