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Since my Celebrity Art Pants Project (“Pants-4-Art”) appears to be garnishing some healthy interest from the media, celebrities, followers, and the like, I thought I’d make it a little easier for people to see some examples of my public artwork. I am evolving so rapidly in my artistic style, expression, and exposure that I am holding back certain ‘experimental’ pieces I’ve been diligently working on in the background. They will be exposed in good time!

Please click on the pull-down tabs or click the links below to see the variety of my artistic scope:

NOTE: This is currently a work in progress, which I will be uploading and adding to as time permits.

As always, I thank all of you for your patronage, support, encouragement, and love. Without you, my art has no audience.

“Art is. It asks for nothing. It does not care if you like it, but is pleased if you do. Art patiently hangs around and only engages when you notice it. Only then does it interact with you and make you part of its being. Art stands as silent as a tree, the metaphor and example of how to be human.”

(Anthony Donnelly)


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