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It’s Just A Gameshow: “Remote Control”

March 23, 2012

After my last post about my hapless abode… something else, but a little happier (maybe) from my hypnotic hero, Derren Brown. An amazing experiment that just goes to show how far we can actually go with mob mentality. If you had the life of one man in your control, how would you act…?

It’s so worth watching this all the way to the end…

It is shocking what we can do as a mob, but I wonder if this same power can be put to good causes?

What I love most about Derren is his ability to take his celebrity position in the world and expose things that we (subconsciously) take for granted, or are not aware we are doing. This is more than mere entertainment, he is helping to change people’s perceptions and vulnerability – we are all conscious of the decisions we make minute by minute. I truly hope this little film makes you think over the weekend…


PS – If you want to find out more about this amazing magician-and-more (as I call him!) see his website:

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