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Welcome to the “Pants-4-Art” area of the gallery. Over time, I’ll be uploading mock-ups and originals as they are able to be publicly released.


“Road To Know Where”

"Road To Know Where" approx. 24" x 34"

“Road To Know Where” approx. 24″ x 34″

Building upon the “Urban Jungle” piece below, this is the first painted Henry and Pokey piece on pants. It marks a new direction my work is going this year. I wish to paint bolder, brighter works, that continue to reflect the innocence of the child within us all. Stay tuned for possible childrens’ books and annimations later this year…!


“The Fabric of the Community (Allentown 250)”

The Fabric of the Community (Allentown 250) approx. 7' x 11'

The Fabric of the Community (Allentown 250) approx. 7′ x 11′

The most ambitious Pants-4-Art project yet, a commemorative work to celebrate Allentown’s 250th anniversary, compirising a total of 15 panels made in part of five pairs of pants from civic and local leaders’ (including Mayor Pawlowski, Brooks Joyner of the Art Museum, Shannon Slattery Fugate of the Baum Art School, and others) Local children and artists were invited to my studio for a five hour painting session, and I constructed this piece from the work created during that period.

“Urban Jungle”

"Urban Jungle" approx. 3' x 2'

“Urban Jungle” approx. 3′ x 2′

This piece was made from remnants and offcuts of the “Fabric of the Community” piece above. I wanted to bring Henry the fried egg and Pokey back, and incorporate them in to my work with pants.

“Where Da Trees At…?”

PANTS-4-ART | anthony donnelly artist | charity art | abstract art | celebrity art

“Where Da Trees At…?” 3′ x 4′

The biggest piece yet. A huge, cityscape – did you know I love cities…? An entire pair of pants was used for this… ripped into four strips and then glued back together to form this canvas. ‘A modern-day Cezanne’…? Probably not, but so many people see modern day Lowry in my art, I’m not complaining!

“Pocket Nude”

Pocket Nude | alternative art | abstract art | pants-4-art | anthony donnelly | celebrity art pants project

“Nachte Taschen”

This project is so cool. This piece has to be the Indiana Jones of the whole project, because I thought I painted on every square inch of fabric… BUT… there was a ripped off pocket left over. How cool is this piece? Sorry to toot my horn, but I think this piece is absolutely BRILIANT…! The balance and contrast are exceptional – I couldn’t have done better if I’d actually tried to make this look this good…! AND from a rescued pocket…!!! (Exhibited at FUSE Gallery for Kiki’s birthday)

The Original “Sell Yer Pants #1”

The original inspiration behind the whole project. So far, still my favourite piece, more for sentimental reasons than anything else. Approximate size: 14″ x 24″ scented wax and acrylic on my old art pants.

Mock-up for ‘Sideways’/ author, Rex Pickett:

The Merlot bottle is made from a fabric sample and is 3d. The dimentions of this are roughly 16″ x 17″. The final piece will be all canvas and much larger.


The first time I glued these pants to the frame, I saw a sad elephant in the shape and design. As I worked the medium, she grew into this sad-looking elephant all dressed up and nowhere to go. When I pulled out the pocket (who hasn’t done the ‘elephant’ trick with their pants as a kid at school?) it just made sense for that to be the ear, the little pocket/ pouch was a bonus, and making a baby elephant out of an offcut just completed the piece. Is the reason she’s so sad because baby elephant messed up her pretty make-up, or is there another reason…? This was a real fun piece to make. Dimensions: 24″ x 24″

More images to come in due course! Thank you for your continued support.

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