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SPECIAL OFFER: #Free Audiobook

Goal Setting Book CoverTo mark the completion of MY FIRST GOAL-SETTING BOOK in audio format, I’m now offering it free as an accompaniment to anybody that buys (or has already bought) a paperback or ebook.

Simply rate and write a review of my work, and send me an email (can be found in the front of the book) and I’ll email you a copy of the audiobook.

If anyone cannot afford to purchase their own copy, please let me know and I’ll dispatch a pdf version. My goal is to help as many people as possible reach their goals and in so doing help make this a better world for all.


The experimental, concept novel 49q? The Enigma Continues is now available, FREE on Kindle.

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49q cover 1*** Download your FREE copy now and discover what all the fuss is about ***

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“Can YOU solve the Enigma?” #FREE #BOOK Today Only

My full length high-concept SciFi Novel “49q? The Enigma Continues” is FREE TODAY on Amazon.

Here’s another quick sneak peek inside part of the enigma…

“A question is just an answer in reverse,” said Bob, turning away from the enquirer. Usually that was enough to dispel further dumb questions.

The barman had just left the young man’s Guiness to settle before re-pouring. Dire Straits’, “Money For Nothing “, cued on the jukebox.

“In that case,” began the young man, pausing to look Bob directly in the eyes, “Forty-nine Q.”

Bob’s jug of bitter fell immediately from his hand and smashed musically upon the floor. Without a further sound or hesitation, he grabbed his green jacket, and left.

“See ya, Bob!” the barman called after him . He presented the young man with his pint of Guiness. He took it and sat back in the corner. The pub carried on as though nothing had happened. Unfortunately that could not have been further from the truth. It was the start of something much greater.

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49q cover new

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“49q? The Enigma Continues”

49q cover new “49q? The Enigma Continues”


#freebies #freekindle FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY TODAY ONLY

Another FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!!! This time an adult novel – VERY GRAPHIC in places, so be warned!

49q cover new

Available ALL DAY TODAY on amazon kindle.

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The long-awaited novel 49q? The Enigma Continues will be available FREE this Friday, Dec 5th only. Your chance to SAVE $4.99 and get an early copy.



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#freebook Inspirational Parable Free Today on Kindle

Happy Monday to you all!

Shepherd quotation




Thank you for all the likes, support, downloads, and reviews of my latest inspirational parable for personal growth, “The Shepherd”. Some of my friends from Costa Rica have noticed and recognized the sheep and goats from the front cover artwork. Thanks to Michael – the shepherd at that time at the environmental farm I was working on – for taking and sharing the photograph.

A few people have asked what the inspiration was behind this new work. Well, the truth is, I hadn’t intended to write it! I already had two books in a similar vein out on the market: CHARLIE, THE MIGRATING SNAIL, that I’d written in my early youth and have finally epublished, and THE COCKROACH CHRONICLES, which I wrote back in 2000 whilst awaiting the publication of WHEN THE TREES HELD THEIR BREATH, which is now out of print, but I’m considering bringing it out again in ebook format.

THE SHEPHERD began as a few, simple writing style examples for a friend of mine who was struggling to put down their ideas on meditation and life balance into words. They had a lot of knowledge, experience, and information, but couldn’t find a way to put it down in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Living in the middle of a Costa Rican rainforest was great inspiration to write, and I rapidly got an idea which I shared with him. He loved the simplicity of it. In quick succession, I was inspired to write a few more examples. Then a few more… and a few more… I think I deluged him with examples! He liked them, but couldn’t really get into my style.

It was quickly clear that this wasn’t the book he was writing, this was a book I had been inspired to write from meeting and talking with him! Funny how the universe works. I’d not really been inspired to write, let alone publish anything for many years. The Shepherd was a refreshing return to writing in a style I liked and was used to – reminiscent of better times in my life. I have this young man to thank for being the catalyst to push me back into writing – he needs no embarrassing exposure here, but if he’s reading he knows who he is. Thank you my friend!

If you have any questions or comments, please just ask! If you can’t afford to download a copy, just ask me and I’ll send you the text. And please keep commenting, reviewing, and rating my book. The offer goes for ALL my works, if you want a read and can’t afford them, I want them read, so just ask me!


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