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ANTHONY DONNELLY | abstract artist | allentown artist | egg artist | founder pants-4-art | charity artist | celebrity artist(Updated October 17th, 2012)

Hello and welcome to my website/ blog…!

My name is Anthony Donnelly (or “Ant” to my close friends, or the “Egg-artist”, to some others!). I’m a rapidly emerging, professional artist, although I entered the game rather late in life. I have come a very long way in under two years, and am always encouraged when new clients buy my work or commission new pieces.

I love what I do, and most importantly I have fun doing it, and combine multiple aspects of my past life into my work. Through what I do, I can motivate, inspire, teach, and outreach to the ocmmunity and world at large, mostly through my charity work via “Pants-4-Art” painting celebrities’ trousers and auctioning them off for worthy causes.

I truly hope you enjoy my blog, my posts, my artwork, and please leave comments!

Additionally, I’d ask you (if you have a Facebook page) to click the LIKE button to my FB page for Pants-4-Art, my celebrity charity fundraising project:


I was originally born in London, UK (I won’t tell you how long ago!) and had a diversified education throughout Europe. Although I’ve ‘dabbled’ with art in the past, I never felt I was particularly good at it. I have spent most of my life in the business world (working in corporations or my own businesses, or partnerships), although for a time back in London I did freelance as a writer (I have one childrens’ book to my credit: “When the Trees Held Their Breath” ISBN 0970205236) and did some acting work, before emigrating to America.

Having experienced many life-changing events since moving to the US over a decade ago (including building businesses, losing businesses and business partners – heart attacks! – divorce, the death of my Father, being separated from my children, amongst other things) it made me reassess my priorities in life and look at things with more child-like eyes, which I think shows through in my work. All of the components of my compositions have certain subtle meanings:


The Fried Egg– Although it took me a while to work this one out (since artistic inspiration comes from our subconscious!) but my general feeling about ‘Egg’, as I affectionately call him, is that this is the ‘new’ me, out of his hard, protective shell, exposing himself in all his new – yet dangerously exposed – self. An example can been seen in this piece entitled “Nesting”.

The ‘Pokey’ Face– This is the observer, the child within all of us. The part that silently (not always!) watches on, questioning, learning. The part that feels no fear and lives in the moment, just wanting to have fun. It has no ego, no ambition, it just is – much like art.

“Pokey Face”

The One-way Roads –Not featured in every picture, but many, are either the ‘one-way’ signs, or one-way roads with cars driving the wrong way. The representation here is that many of us – definitely myself – have spent a long time NOT reading the natural road signs in life. Most people are busy being busy and don’t take the time to notice they are going in completely the wrong direction.

One Way Road

The Cosmic Cube– Every now and then you’ll see a little 3d cube in my work. He’s an odd little fellow. He represents the ‘religious’ or spiritual other worldliness of our Human existence. He is the participant and observer from beyond our comprehension. That’s why he just pops in and out from time to time.

“Cosmic Cube”

Those are the main elements, there are others, but they should help you make a little better sense and ‘get to know’ my “Eggspressionist” work more.

I REALLY hope you like my work. It is my hope (and many have shared their experiences to confirm it’s working!) that when you look at my pieces it somehow awakens the child within you, makes you feel happy, makes you want to be a kid again, and perhaps makes you look at our ‘real’ world with slightly happier eyes.


If you wish to contact me, please email me at:

and you can view my online gallery here at this link: Online Gallery/ Shop



Feb – March “Egg-spressionism” solo exhibit of ‘egg’ illustrations and sketches at Hava Java cafe & gallery Allentown PA


Jan – Feb “Painting by the Seat of Your Pants” collaborative exhibit at Art Works gallery Allentown PA

August “Video & Arcade World” collaborative exhibit at the Alternative Gallery Allentown PA

Sept – Nov “Naked in New Hope” collaborative exhibit at Sidetracks Gallery New Hope PA

Oct – “SPACES” installation of thought-art as part of the FUSE Art Infrastructure exhibit, Allentown PA

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