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Global Forgiveness Day

May 30, 2013

Forgive me, if I upset any religious stomaches with this post, but we are NOT born with ‘original sin’. It’s a myth. Our diet of false premises is what is making this an obsese and sick world.

14022180-newborn-baby-cryIt is time to forgive.

It is time to forgive NOW.

It is time to let go, forgive yourself first, and get on with living in peace.

Easier said than done?


Just for today, why not give it a try. Why not STOP right now, stop the false thinking, the false acting, STOP! Pause for just one second of reality, get in touch with your senses, taste… smell… see… feel… hear… the TRUTH…

Just for one day, one single, simple day, wouldn’t it be wonderful to just ‘be’… have the freedom, the permission to just be you? It all starts with acceptance and forgiveness… try it.

Today, for one day only – a special, on discount, just this once – forgive yourself, give yourself permission to be just who you are… fat, thin, black, white, rich, or poor… BUT…

…you have to pass it on…


One day, perhaps, we’ll all live in peace…

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