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CHARITY: The 50 Orphaned Gloves Project

February 21, 2013

Buy now, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what this whole ‘gloves’ deal has been about, right?

Seven new arrivals to the glove orphanage...

Seven new arrivals to the glove orphanage…

Well, for the past couple of years, I’ve been noticing ‘lost’ gloves – or ‘orphaned’ gloves as I care to call them – lying on the sidewalk. When I first noticed them, I wanted to do something artistic with them, but it was always too late in the season, it would get warm, Spring would come, then Summer, and the project would pass. I was also preoccupied with “Pants-4-Art” (which I still am, and this is an offshoot of)

I wondered whether it was possible to find enough ‘orphaned’ gloves to make a canvas from, stretch them into a decent sized canvas, and then paint something on worth raffling or auctioning off for charity, perhaps an orphanage…? Well, the gloves found me thick and fast this year. I figured I’d need about 50 to make a decent sized canvas, and I’m almost there.

Right now I have almost 50 lonely gloves that once were someone’s. A pair looking for a match. I was actually amazed that I found so many so quickly! Can you believe that people lose their gloves so easily?

The finished piece will probably be about 4′ x 3′ maybe bigger, I’m not sure once it’s stretched?! I’m still new to all this, I’m not really an artist – as artists go – I’m more of a creative person that just pushes the envelope and sees what happens!

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let me know of any orphanages that need funding… It’s gonna be quite a very, very unique piece… and I’m still working on the recycled Phantoms Hockey piece with the autographed Reebok padded hockey pants from…Oliver… 🙂

Let’s get to 100 likes…! Muchas grazie-thankyos!

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