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The Power of Positive Attraction

February 20, 2013
One of the $20 bills I found

One of the $20 bills I found

Wow! What a great ‘Hump-day’ this has turned out to be so far.

There I am, wandering halfway across town on foot to pay my rent, and looking out for ‘orphaned’ gloves for my latest charity art project (more about that in another post), when what do I spy but a neatly folded up, albeit wet, twenty dollar bill stuck to the cold, wind-blown sidewalk…! I’d already found three ‘stray’ gloves already to add to the 34 I have found since starting my collection back in December, so I felt doubly lucky.

“Wow! What could be better than finding three gloves and $20?” I thought to myself. “What about SIX gloves and FORTY bucks…?”

Well, would you believe it, about an hour later, not only did I find FOUR more gloves (to make it seven in total for the day) but there, blowing in the wind like a little flag upon the iron railings of the graveyard was ANOTHER twenty dollar bill…!!!”

The 7 gloves drying before going in the wash

The 7 gloves drying before going in the wash

I guess this means my luck is changing. The money was well-needed, as I’ve not worked at all this month. In fact, I’m thinking of having a ‘Fire Sale’ of some of my works, just to clear out space and to raise some funds, so… if anyone is interested in some unique artwork… please let me know!

AND… I’m so close to hitting the 100 likes mark on my FACEBOOK page, please consider, if you haven’t already, liking my FB page by clicking on the box to the right, or going to my page here:

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  1. man this is a flippin’ great story! Here’s to more wonderful good luck! Peace!

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