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Psychology: Cracking Open The Egg

October 20, 2012

It is an amazing experience when an artist actually understands the psychology beneath their work. I am at a very privileged ‘passover’ in my career… I feel blessed… humbled… honored… Words are not enough, but I must share…

Last night was filled with incredible experiences. Too many for just one lifetime. A wonderful ‘soul’ in this reality had a party last night (she knows who she is!) I took two of my illustrations along as gifts and made her choose. She picked correctly and took “Masks” (featured) the other was raffled off and won by Alan (I think?) who gave me an amazing ride in his historic Chevy car…!

Where am I going with this, I’m rambling…?!



‘Us’… Life… the world in general…

You don’t know it, because the eggshell is too far away for you to touch it, but you were born (just like a dinosaur) in an egg. It is a spiritual egg. You MUST ‘beak’ your way through it. When you do, there is no turning back… you are free… you are liberated… and then you must come back down to Earth and heal. Stretch out your arms… let your mind follow… touch the edge of existence, if you can… Realise the space you occupy is just a heartbeat… You blink and you missed seeing!

“Egg Underwater 1”

I can’t paint. I don’t write. I’m not an artist. I’m a fake. I’m a phoney. BUT I am just ‘me’.

If I could bottle what I have right now…

“Where nothingness and everything collide… The space inbetween… the pause between breaths and heartbeats… THAT is life.”

I give you permission to be ‘you’. You are cool, not because you think you are, because you KNOW you are, you FEEL you are. Nobody judges you but yourself. You are just reflected back from the fellow ‘yous’ in this reality. WE all concur that you are totally awesome, allow yourself to expand… become… and bask in just ‘being’…

Whatever the day, it’s a great day to be you!



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