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Photos: Water On Marble

October 18, 2012

“Sometimes in life the simplest things are the most profound.”

Many people don’t like the rain. But look at what it added to this simple piece of marble… Imagine where our crops and flowers would be without it… Imagine where YOU would be without water…?!

This was (again) just a quick snap from my phone… Almost looks like a rusted steel panel, but it’s simply the addition of rain on a piece of marble in my favorite park…

I hope you enjoy it. I hope for sharing, you feel better about the rest of the week. I also hope that you will see that the irksome, irritating, and annoying in your life can also be beautiful opportunities to live, grow, and become…

“When we look within, and know we are here for everybody else, then we see the true beauty of why we are here…”

Add a little bit of rain in the lives of those around you today… enjoy watering the ‘human’ plants that sustain you and make you a human BEING…

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