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#NYCC: Fine Artist Issa Ibrahim

October 15, 2012
Issa Ibrahim | Love Amongst The Ruins | Fine Art |

Once a year, New York City becomes the flocking ground for over 100,000 ‘Geeks and wierdos’ for the annual New York Comic Con – the second largest comic, gaming, and all things geek convention in North America. Last weekend saw the area surrounding the Javits Center turn into a four-day-long movie extravaganza of superheros and other characters dressed in awesome costumes.

I’ve never done LSD, but I can imagine anybody that didn’t know this convention was going on, might have had to pinch themselves a few times to stop themselves from dreaming!

I was very fortunate enough to be part of the marketing and management team for the highly talented Outsider Artist, Issa Ibrahim. His iconic works, portraying ‘superheros off duty’ – or to be more exact, juxtaposing reality through fiction – were the sensation of the 1600 block.

NYCC Booth: Issa Ibrahim

From ‘The Hulk’ sat on the toilet reading a newspaper, to Superman and Wonderwoman getting rather passionate… to some more ‘adult’ paintings of Popeye, Archie, and other cartoon and superheros, the works of Ibrahim enlivened an otherwise ordinary ‘tradeshow’ experience for many of the attendees.

Our team was thrilled to have been met with such a warm and generous reception. We lost count after the ELEVENTH TV interview team that came by…! And throughout, Ibrahim still managed to do live demonstrations of his work for the avid fans and viewers that attended the event.

The staggering creativity and imagination that went into the costumes of the participants was truly amazing: four days where you could just chill out, kick back, enjoy the fantasy and be yourself. With Ibrahim’s artwork as a backdrop – making bold political and philosophical statements – it was a throughly great time.

For more examples of Issa Ibrahim’s works, please see his website:

“Super Sex” Issa Ibrahim

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