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FUSE Art Infrastructure: “SPACES” Exhibition

October 10, 2012

Every once in a while it is really nice to have a weekend that totally blows your mind, puts you on Cloud Nine, and reaffirms that all the struggle to stay on your life journey was really worth it. Last weekend for the FUSE Art Infrastructure’s “SPACES” art exhibition as part of the Historic Allentown House Tour was just such an event.

I was invited to install my conceptual art piece “Quantum Art: The Artwork of Schroedinger’s Cat” and exhibit alongside such local artistic greats as Karel Mikolas, Karl Stirner, Wes Heiss, Rick Hildenbrandt, and Angela Fraleigh (to mention just a few!) I was concerned for many reasons, not just because of this being my first installation, nor exhibiting with such fine talent, but the spacial constraints of the room, the timeframe, and a very hectic work schedule, made this a very last minute thing. It was also a rather ambitious conceptual piece, and I wasn’t really sure that people would get it.

My fears were alleviated almost immediately on arrival at the preview on Saturday. People found it engaging, entertaining, clever, and thought-provoking – and not just anybody, many of the local ‘who’s who’ of the art world were impressed. Thank you to everybody that came out on both days, thank you for all the great feedback. I was truly honored to be included in the show, and I’m glad my piece held its own amongst so much outstanding work.

My thanks goes out to Deb Rabinski for curating the show, and Kiki Nienaber for creating and co-curating the show – a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes, and these two ladies did a fantastic job of coordinating the multiple venures and pulling all the works together.

I’m still floating on Cloud Nine, and have a reaffirmed belief in my artistic talents. This was meant as a ‘coming out’ piece, and it has certainly done that.

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