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Enviromentalism: “Underpants Cause Global Warming!”

September 8, 2012

What a headline: “Underpants Cause Global Warming!”

Think about it, though…

I just came back from my local launderette (I don’t own a washer or drier, nor car, out of principle! But I can’t afford them anyway!! Even if I could, I doubt very much I’d have them) and I always walk down there (no matter the weather!) in flip-flops, and no ‘knickers’ (underpants) – I do wear a shirt and pants, though – they won’t let me in otherwise! The reason I don’t wear underpants is that I usually have run out and need to wash them… THAT is where this blog came from…


I can understand, back in the day when underwear first came about (as a toilet paper alternative so you didn’t soil your good clothes!) but we DO have toilet paper, and I wipe my bottom pretty well… and so do most folks I know…! So, either we don’t need toilet paper… or we don’t need underwear? Why do we need BOTH…?

They are both very LUCRATIVE industries…

How many things like this do we just take for granted? Nobody thinks twice about HAVING TO WEAR underwear (urrrgh… I HAVE TO WEAR it…!) BUT why…? It hasn’t happened with eating your ‘greens’ or ‘voting’…?

We are in an election year in the US, and (imo if you have a vote and don’t use it, you should lose it! OR at least have the option on the ballot for ‘none of the above’ – a no-vote!) if you don’t participate, you have no right to complain about what happens in your life because of who gets in (you had your chance!). Wear your underpants, don’t wear your underpants, but know that you either are, or aren’t.

I’m meandering, I know, but…(if you’re still reading) there is a point here… and it’s not just about the excess load in your washing machine! It’s about your excess load in your voting brain…!


There should be an option to vote ‘None of the above’ on the ballot… THAT would be rather DEMOCATIC, a standard upon which this country (supposedly) was founded. Instead they just don’t count the people that don’t vote, BUT probably would have voted NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Most politicians are crooks. They get into office to stay in office. AND they play to the funders that put them in office!

Isn’t it time we changed our underpants?

I’m reaching out to smart people, so I don’t have to explain (I hope!) the whole underpants and environmental warming stuff, this is election year… there a different ‘shell-game’ going on here… like last year:

– Vote for a woman President… no, vote for a BLACK President… no, vote for an old bloke…!

– Look what happens when you succumb to the masses… Vote for ‘different’ religion…!

Vote however you want. Vote for whomever you want. BUT DO get out and vote…

I have lived here 13 years. I’m on a Green Card, I pay taxes… I’ve run businesses and employed people… BUT I’ve never been able to vote on anything… Pay attention to what happens in ‘your’ world over the next 3 months… and ask yourself these simple 3 questions:

1. What is MOST impotant to me as a citizen of the US?

2. Is ANY candidate worthy of the role?

3. What is MY constitutional RIGHT as a citizen?

I KNOW nobody reading this (if anybody actually is!) has every asked those questions before, BUT IF you look to YOUR (and now MY) Constituation, you’ll find the answers…

Vote in Peace

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