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“Pants-4-Art”: Gaining Momentum

August 14, 2012

Good morning everybody!

I hope your week has begun well. I’m writing this late at night on Monday (my day off from the job that helps pay my bills and fund my charity project “Pants-4-Art”) after a wonderful day reaching out some more to contact folks in the Allentown area to get involved with my “Allentown 250” project.


Amazingly some people never even try. They have quit, even BEFORE they’ve begun. Sometimes, they are just far too dejected that they won’t even attempt to DREAM. If nothing else, my little project proves without a shadow of a doubt, that if you stick to something and never stop, EVENTUALLY, no matter what, you WILL succeed. There is a lot of work for one person to do to pull this whole project together, but it’s very rewarding.

Just the thought of many public business and community leaders getting involved, because it’s a worthy cause AND it’s Allentown’s 250th anniversary, makes me very happy. The fact that a simple man, like me, can pull something like this together, should be insiring to many. Admittedly I’m as persistent as the sun and as tenacious as a bulldog with a bone!

It is looking highly likely that what was just going to be a small canvas made from Mayor Pawlowski’s pants (and thank you very much for the support Mr Mayor!) will very shortly be a MASSIVE CANVAS comprised of the pants from over 20 people!!! It is also going to take about that many local artists to help paint this wonderful, artistic celebration, and – of course – the help of local children from inner city Allentown to throw in what only young minds can: totally uninhibited artistic expression!

As this project gets bigger, however, I may have to start looking for some kind of funding, as my ‘day job’ doesn’t pay nearly enough to be this philanthropic (or, more preferrably, I need to sell more artwork!) and one day a week free and clear to make calls, emails, and all the work that goes into pulling something like this off, isn’t nearly enough time. If anybody wishes to volunteer some effort, that would be wonderful.

I’m still looking for a suitable location to host the ‘art day’ event with the local children. To be able to inspire young, creative minds that they CAN express themselves, they CAN achieve their dreams, they CAN do anything they set their minds on, is reward in itself. And what better way to do that, than have a whole bunch of local kids be a part of a massive artistic celebration of the city they call home.

Wherever this work of art ends up (perhaps the local Art Museum, one of the prominent businesses, the new hockey arena, wherever) these children will know that they participated in something historical and will be immortalized through a work of art. IF THAT doesn’t get your juices worked up, I’m not even sure a 5-hour pick-me-up energy drink will help you!

YOU may not have dreams, you may have had them squashed or quashed, but put aside your own thoughts, help fuel the flames of young desire… a child with a dream and ambition is what makes the Olympics so wonderful, it’s what makes LIFE so wonderful. They remind us of who we were before responsibility, status, bills, and ‘stuff’ got in the way…


Awaken The Child Within…

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