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Do What You Love, And Let Life Do The Rest…

August 8, 2012

Happy Hump-day to you all…!

I was gazing out over the rooftops… looking far into the distance, and it looked very much like I was looking out at the ocean. I miss the ocean… Pennsylvania is land-locked, but the Lehigh Valley is a basin, and every so often this weather effect occurs whereby the low-hanging cloud does indeed appear to look like the sea (above/ beyond the tiny hill tops) receding into the distance to the horizon.

It wasn’t quite a sunset or a sunrise, but it was comparable.

I have been rather ‘distant’ recently, not quite myself, deep in reflection… a good friend still lies in a coma after a very bad cycling accident… the NPO strategist from Washington, that shot me and my little “Pants-4-Art” charity project into the Stratosphere, has disappeared from all contact… I had started to get ‘consumed’ by the activity around my life…

“Do what you love, and let Life do the rest. Life exists to make you happy!”

We only have such a short, eye-blink of an opportunity to really embrace what we call ‘life’. As I gazed at the horizon, the quotation above came to me… an inner voice speaking, perhaps…

What do you love? Do you make your day full of happiness and joy? It’s ‘Hump’ Day today… midweek… are you just biding your time in a dead-end, boring job you don’t love, just to get a check and await the weekend…? So many people are trapped in the net of being “Already Dead”: working a job they hate, just to make money, so they can spend it on things they THINK will make them happy, but never does… just like a drug addiction… or pain killers… it merely numbs the situation…

I have been ‘numb’ these past few weeks…

It is okay to just be ‘you’ (if you know what ‘You’ be?) What else can you be…? Most people are too influenced by the media/ marketing messages that surround us, that they spend most of their lives ‘Already Dead’ trying to become what they are not, rather than accepting and embracing what they are. It is okay to create your own happiness and do what YOU want to do… It is the ONLY thing you have control over… You chose to be happy or sad… This is your experience…

You only have ONE experience… and you create it… What do you want that experience to be? Happy, joyful and free… or enslavement, dissatisfaction, and bondage…? You create it, and you experience it… This is your life to live… Why not try living it…?


One Comment
  1. alison2012internship permalink

    You said it. Sometimes I feel like we get so wrapped up in making a living that we forget how to live.

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