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Persistence Is…

August 7, 2012

Just imagine… You wake up and plan to have a ‘normal’ day at work, BUT… something happens to stop you (I was locked out of the buildings I maintain!) so I wander back home – unpaid – after doing some weeding on the grounds…

What do you do…?

I already have a pair of Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawlowski’s, pants and plan to collaborate with other local artists to create a MASSIVE cityscape mural  of our town for our 250th Anniversary, so… Why not track down the info and call a few local companies…?

It’s a Tuesday afternoon… I’ve just spent the last three hours on the computer and phone contacting all the major organizations in Allentown PA… asking for a pair of signed pants…! Can you imagine…?

“Hello, my name is Anthony Donnelly, this might sound a little weird, but…”

Overall, the feedback has been rather positive, although I have pictured some rather odd-looking faces from assistants and secretaries! I’ve been in on-hold queues… had dropped calls… gotten wrong numbers…

Along with some calls to agents and managers (and emails) I have found the contact info and called… PPL – William Spence – The Phantoms… when they get back for the season there’s a good chance I’ll get some pants!… Air Products – John McGlade – Service Electric – John Walson – The Morning Call – Tim Ryan – Butz Builders… Greg Butz… and Ronald Swinfard from Lehigh Valley Health Network…!

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m exhausted… it’s like cold-calling or telemarketing… This is for CHARITY (I don’t make a dime from this, in fact it costs me a lot to do this – which is why I do it… for me, that is what charity is: giving what you can’t afford to!)

I’m exhausted, but I feel wonderful…! This is my LOVE, my LIFE, my PASSION… for me this IS my day job… the other job is really just a hobby that pays the bills. One day, very soon, this charity project is going to break wide open and then it will soar…!

If you don’t know why there’s a spider web as the featured image… either talk to Alison Bessedotter or google Robert the Bruce… lol

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  1. I like this!!

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