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NEW ARTWORK: Total Blind Abstract

August 2, 2012

Good morning everybody!

Sorry I’ve not been posting much these days, my computer is rather old (about 10 years or so!) and is becoming less and less compatible with online updates, which makes posting rather challenging. A slightly more modern computer is on my ‘wish list’ for things to save up for, so in the meantime, please bear with me.

Here’s another ‘total blind’ painting I finished last night. I already posted it on Facebook, so excuse the repeat.

“80s Dancer” acrylic on cardboard, approx. 18″ x 40″

It was an experiment in going bigger and bolder with my unseen artwork, so it’s on a sheet of cardboard, but I’m very excited with the result. I must have some extremely good ‘muscle memory’, as most of my blind sketches actually look very close to what I’m picturing in my mind’s eye.

This piece, along with many others, is for sale, as not only do I need a more modern computer, I will require some new art supplies very soon, especially as I’m funding my charity art project “Pants-4-Art” 100% myself these days. No ‘reasonable’ offers for my artwork refused, why not make me an offer…?

Enjoy the rest of the week…!

Please also join/ like my facebook page, if you haven’t already,

it would be very encouraging to reach 100 ‘likes’ by the end of August.

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