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Pants-4-Art: Good News & Bad News

June 24, 2012

Mayor Ed Pawlowski

This is a very difficult post to write, as it simultaneously covers a great high for me concerning the “Pants-4-Art” project, but also a great low.

I will begin with the wonderful news that after much persistence contacting public figures and celebrities since December last year, I picked up an autographed pair of pants from our local Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawlowski (pictured right).

It is my hope to also acquire Billy Joel’s signed pants, or pants from the soon-to-be local hockey team, the Phantoms, and collaborate with a handful of local artists and create a cityscape sculpture of Allentown to commemorate our 250th anniversary, and showcase the great diversity of local artistic talent.

Earlier this year, I had met with the Mayor, along with my very dear friend, Doug Long, who was in the process of launching a cycling charity (One Heart Two Wheels). Even though he is in his 50s, Doug was planning to become the “Layman’s Lance Armstrong”, and conduct multiple national cycling challenges to raise money and awareness for charity. The Mayor’s pants were to be auctioned off to help kickstart Doug’s charitable efforts.

The sad news is that unfortunately Doug had a major cycling accident last week, and is currently recovering from very extreme head trauma in the ICU of St Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem. He has damage to both sides of his brain, severe bone damage to his face, and an assortment of other injuries. Although the medical professionals are optimistic he will pull through, he has a very long road to recovery ahead of him, and is still being sedated for his own safety. It is highly possible that he may have mild brain damage and some loss of hearing.

Some of you know him personally, and I am sure you will all join me in wishing him a rapid recovery, keep him in your thoughts and prayers, feel free to send him well wishes and visit, if you can (current estimates say he will be there for approximately 6 months!)

Again, happy and sad news. I’m glad the “Pants-4-Art” project has now been officially launched with the arrival of the first autographed pair (and others to come later this week!) but it is tragic to have such a dear, close friend in such a horrible state of health. Persistence has paid off with my project, and I know Doug is a fighter and if anybody can rebound from such a massive accident, he can.

We’re praying for you, Doug…!

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