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Big East Signs: “Pants-4-Art” Logo Revamped

May 9, 2012

A “HUGE” thank you goes out to my great friend and fellow artist, Jeff Bunce, at Big East Signs… a fine arts specialist, a ‘bespoke’ sign maker of the ‘old school’ variety… very affordable for the talent and professionalism you get…!

As you all know from earlier posts, I went through many transitions of the design phase to bring this logo together… All hand drawn… colored with Crayola pencils… and looking good, but (IMO) a little bit naff…! Jeff took my design, ‘vectored’ it (whatever that means?) and made sure that it was all 100% ready for copyright and trademark.

I think he has done a fantastic job. He says it’s nothing… but I’m so happy, I was very pleased with the end result. So…

A big thank you to Jeff, and Big East Signs:

Check out the REAL work he does at his website: BIG EAST SIGNS & GRAPHICS. His fine artwork is also well worth taking a look at. If ‘Buncy’ can’t do it, chances are you’re out of luck…!

Jeff, thank you so much for the last minute help with the logo, and I hope you are making a very speedy recovery!

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