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Pants-4-Art: Good News

May 4, 2012
Happy Friday to you all…! I guess some of you wouldn’t consider a rejection good news, but I do. This is a lovely email reply that the representation of David Beckham took the time to write back to me:
Dear Anthony,

I would like to thank you for your interest in David Beckham’s charitable initiatives and for making us aware of the fantastic project you are working on for a collection of charities. 

As you can imagine we get thousands of requests from around the world and it’s difficult for David to fulfill all of these. At the moment David’s charitable partners have a number of campaigns that will be appealing for awareness or public donations and it would be unfair on them to have another initiative out there at the same time, so in this particular instance we have to say no.

On behalf of David, I would like to pass on our very best wishes to everyone involved in this project and to wish you good luck as you continue in your honourable efforts.


Kindest Regards,

Alina Oustianyk


Why do I see this as good news? Well, firstly this is the only rejection I’ve had so far, and I’ve probably contacted over 100 famous people. I’ve had only three letters returned undeliverable, but I’m working on finding the right addresses for them. It means people are getting my correspondence and reading it. All great things take time, persistence, and PATIENCE. Everything is running to plan! A ‘no’ now doesn’t mean a ‘no’ next year.

Have a brilliant weekend, catch up with you all soon!


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