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PHOTOS: A Quick Snap

May 2, 2012

It’s wonderful the small details people miss. This featured image is a snap shot of the view through the bus shelter roof I stand under on my way home. It’s actually a shame that my litte camera phone doesn’t pick up the grime on the plastic roof, but it still creates a great blulry effect of the tree.

There is a wonderful story that goes with this picture… It’s really cute. I took that first picture, and then this one:

abstract art | pants-4-art | photos | photography | pants for art | celebrity art | charity art | anthony donnelly artist | celebrity art project | charity art projectIt was the cracked earth that first struck my attention, and then I noticed the ‘building’ in the upper right corner, the windows… This was just a ‘happy snap’ I took… I liked the contrast of shade and color, the little sprout of grass, the barren, cracked dirt…

BUT… The real treat for the day was this story…

I took both those pictures, then this very nice Puerto Rican schoolgirl stood at the bus stop… We got chatting… Then this other young kid crossed the road carrying a red rose… I thought he was obviously going to give it to the young lady. He didn’t, he just joined us and stood in line. Naturally, I have to say something..

“Oh, I thought you came over to give me a rose!” Notioning the girl, I say, “You should give it to her, she’s very pretty…”

He smiles and laughs.

The bus arrives. We all board. I joke with the lady driver that it’s nice to be given flowers. She agrees and tells an anecdote about a Lesbian passenger that gave her flowers, once. We all sit in different seats.

When we get to his stop, he walks up to the schoolgirl and gives her the rose… Ahhhh…! how sweeet… He’d won it as a prize for something he did at school, and he gave it to her… how nice. What will happen with them, I don’t know…

Perhaps that was just a nice thing to do and observe… Did I have anything to do with it…? If we are all one, then yes I did, if it is all random chance and chaos… Who knows?

Either way, it was a wonderful thing to observe, and I thank both those spirits for participating in my observation…

There is only change… get used to it… You can’t…!

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