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DARREN HARDY: Pants-4-Art – Hump Day

May 2, 2012

Happy (Darren Hardy) Hump Day to ya’ll!

THAT’S something Darren Hardy hasn’t thought of YET… “Darren Hardy Hump Day”perhaps I’ll earn a pair of autographed pants from him for coming up with the idea…!? One little idea at a time… Consistency pays off… | pants-4-art

“The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, buy it and read it. As he says, not literally, BUT… Be PERSITENT… Be PATIENT… Be UNUSUAL… Do whatever you have to do to get results… or be noticed…

Darren Hardy doesn’t call it TARGETTING, but I do… I AM deliberatelly targetting him… Darren Hardy knows everybody… IF Darren Hardy talked to just a few of his friends… Bearing in mind this is for charity… And got a few pairs of autographed pants together… Perhaps the “Motivational Pants”…? What would that be worth for charity…?


What COULD’T I DO with his pants…?

Potentially… as even a blank canvas, his pants have to be worth at least $100,000… No famous person has EVER seen their old pants being worth something… That’s the COMPOUND EFFECT…!

Darren, if you’re reading this… Here’s my address:

521 West Linden Street




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