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Happy Earth Day…!

April 22, 2012

April 22nd every year is Earth Day.

I used to be a massive environmentalist – I even authored and published a small, children’s book about the topic, “When The Trees Held Their Breath” (ISBN 0970205236) based on a poem I wrote when I was 16. These days I’m less active, but still concerned… not so much for the planet, but for the humans that live on her!

When we think about Earth Day, we have to understand that this is quite a robust living entitiy. It’s not Mother Earth that needs caring for and taking care of (although I do still think we need to RESPECT our planet and enivironment) it’s us poor, weak, little creatures that cannot survive much longer…!

YARNBOMBING: I am co-ordinating an international effort for next year, to raise awareness of Earth Day, so if you are interested in knitting or crochet, and would like more details, please hit me up for more info:


Happy Earth Day everybody…!

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