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Photos: Bird-brain Rubbish

April 16, 2012

Happy Monday morning to you all…!

This is another of my happy, little, quick-snaps of something funny I saw and had to share, much like the toilet seats and the Preggas For Dummies earlier:

photo | bird shit | art pants project | abstract art | anthony donnelly

Allentown, PA – my home right now – is doing a great job of installing these wonderful-looking, solar-powered trash compactors all around town… they need to, there are far too many ‘litter bugs’ in this town! I walked up to this one to throw SOMEBODY ELSE’S trash into it (I hate that: trash right on the street RIGHT BY A TRASH CAN…!!!)

Apparantly birds have a brain the size of a walnut… okay, so I can excuse a bird for not being able to use the handle, at least they got close! But… I hope every HUMAN BEING that doesn’t know how to use a trash can, is equally well potty trained and walks around all day long with poo in their undies…!

NOTE TO LITTER BUGS: You are ignorant, arrogant, STUPID, lazy, inconsiderate TRASH. People who knowingly drop litter are expressing how they feel about themselves: “I’m as worthless as this piece of garbage.”

If you have self worth and take pride in yourself, you also care about your environment and take pride in the place you are!

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