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To Blog, or Not To Blog…

April 15, 2012

I’m English, so I can bard-stadize Shakespeare…!

But it’s a really good question… Why do we blog…?

Why do we do anything? Is it just to share? Is it to communicate? Is it simply to reach out and touch other people in an anonymous way we feel we can’t do in ‘reality’…?

Contrary to the myth out there… I’m not an overweight, lonely, ugly artist ‘trawling’ for affection and self-edification (if I knew that, I could have incorporated that into my works and writing! lol) BUT… I have lost some fellow bloggers… They’ve just stopped blogging… where are they?

Did they simply just get blog-bordom… or was it more serious…?

As entertaining as some people may think my blog is, it has a serious intent… Well, many serious intents, actually:

  • #1: Reach out to me, if you need help (In any way shape or form – a conversation with me might not save you from suicide, but… you might bleed to death in a bathtub with a smile on your face! lol)
  • #2: To give back lovingly.
  • #3: Sharing and caring.
  • #4: Raise money and awareness for needy causes…

I could go on, but it’s a Sunday.

It’s our world to love, to care for.. to change, if we must, but it’s quite happy how it is… and will be here long after we are all gone, if we ever leave…!

Smile more… Care more… Watch out for that person near you that needs help… They might need help more than you think. It’s either the ones that scream for help or don’t ask at all that need help the most…

Celebrity can be a lonely place shared only by your ego…”

  1. good post.
    sharing and caring!

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