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International Pants Day

April 15, 2012
pants-4-art | international pants day | pants art | charity pants

So, now you have a pair of pants, what the heck do you do with them…? Paint them, of course…!

“Meow…!” (posted there as the featured image) is how the idea process usually starts out… Then it evolves… It is truly amazing to me how the cut, the placement, the interaction with the pants really matters.

This next pic shows where I’m at right now with them… Still having some trouble working with acrylics… Might have to switch to oils, as I’m still really disappointed at the color change that happens with acrylic… they go dull so quickly. Not sure if I’m handling the medium wrong or what, but acrylics seem to lose their brightness really quickly and easily – not at all WYSIWYG paint…!

Pants Cityscape | pants-4-art | art project | anthony donnelly | charity pants

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing…


PS – Please keep supporting my Pants-4-Art Project on Facebook, and if you know any ‘yarn bombers’ send them my way… I have a huge Earth Day project brewing for 2013…!

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