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The “Pocket Nude”…

April 10, 2012

Artsy folks are funny kin… Two wonderful art friends of mine, Greg and Kiki, are celebrating a 2nd anniversary of their new studio on April 15th… They are holding a gallery opening event, BUT… the admission ‘price’ is to bring a nude. Upon further investigation, they are not asking for models (but I dare say some folks might not have read the small print! lol) they are asking for local artists to bring a nude portrait to display as part of their open house.

I don’t normally paint nudes, but I couldn’t not go… BUT… I just so happened to discover a small shred of the original art pants that had not been used as a canvas… it was a bit of an old pocket…! It begged me to paint on it…

"Pocket Nude" | anthony donnelly | pants-4-Art | artists | expressionism | allentown artists

So, this is “Pocket Nude”… an old style of painting I used to do back in my mid 20s that appears to be quite popular these days… I was always told I was ahead of my time… Even though I smudged the  ‘naughty bits’, I hope this still gets me admission… I’ll let you know after the event.

It was just so exciting to discover another bit of the old original pants to paint on!!! I soooooo can’t wait until the official Pants-4-Art project goes live and I can do this full time… There is so much good we can do through this project. AND it’s gonna be so much FUNNNNNNN….!

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