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Photos: Chist Has Risen…?

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to all my Christian followers… I’m a pantheist, so the jury’s still out which egg has hatched this easter… Is it the rise of Chist, or the rise of Rh… it’s Spring, and the SUN is coming up… you do your research…but… I was “eegs”perimentinting… Sorry – on all counts – if you were  a Christian surfing in off the images.

The Mayor of Allentown told me to my face I could have a pair of his pants, so I was prepping these… and guess what I got… Robert De Niro…

"T'you lookin' at me...?"

Maybe you don’t see it…

I’m very lucky, I just had a friend call me who WANTS TO HELP with the pants project...? They are going to call and email for some pants… Yeah baby, tha’s what I’m talking about…! Some help here…! I’m doing it all on my own… it’s f’in tough…

Happy Easter to you all…!

Christ was born – and he should have had pants!

Christ died – and he should have worn Wranglers!

Christ rose again – and I hope he wore Levis…?

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