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“Same City Different Day” – Finally Some New Work…!

April 7, 2012

Exhausting…! Project on… then off… delayed… on again… up… down… Losing my studio… being forced to move… having to find new work… losing a girlfriend… then making back up again 🙂 … and now to finally be able to paint again… Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…..! Nothing special, just some stuff…

Herewith, “Same City, Different Day” my first attempt at a triptic (triptech, treptech, treptic, however you spell it, a threesome!)

Same City Different Day 1

Same City Different Day 2

Same City Different Day 3

They are meant to be viewed side-by-side, by hey, this is technology… and I haven’t worked it all out fully! They are about 12″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas, they’re a bit shit, but I’ve not painted in  about a fortnight. Can’t wait for the first celebrity pants to start coming in, then I’ll really start to paint… without the numbers!

Have a wonderfully happy Easter, whatever you celebrate…!

I thank god I’m a pantheist…!

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