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We’ll Always Remember You Dad.

April 2, 2012

Hard to believe it’s been a year since my Dad passed away from an unexpected heart attack. Doesn’t the time just zoom by so quickly?

It was a great shock to me last year. I was hoping to fly back to England to be back for the memorial and visit his grave, but circumstances and money don’t permit right now, so that has been postponed until later this year (hopefully!) I don’t have any photographs of him, otherwise I would post one here as a rememberence.

Although you have passed over, Dad, I’ll always remember you, you’re such an inspiration and a guide to me, you are very dearly missed…! I love you, Dad, YOU are my biggest celebrity.

Maurice Vincent Donnelly


  1. What a wonderful tribute from Maurice Vincent Donnelly’s son–its a real pleasure to see your dad honored like this. If you cannot be there on the physical plane you are certainly there on the spiritual–which is just lovely.

  2. Today would be my father’s 93rd BD. I understand. Their spirits are strong and remain with us for guidance and strength.

  3. Thank you both for your kind thoughts and words.

  4. Emma Donnelly permalink

    Beautiful words for the most wonderful dad, grandad and great-grandad anyone could ever have wished for, not a day goes by when we all don’t think about him, he truly was the most insperational person you could ever meet, was at the grave today and he is still making sure his flowers nan planted for him are growing, he may be gone but never forgotten. sending you lots of love Emma (your fav niece) n kids xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks Ems!
      How nice of you to write a little comment. I miss Dad so badly these days! I was hoping to be back for a little trip, but funds and time wouldn’t permit… hopefully later in the year…

      Have a great Easter!!!

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