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Sushi For My Birthday…

March 31, 2012

You could say I was a late bloomer when it comes to eating sushi for the first time (about five years ago!) but I’ve been hooked ever since! As a birthday treat, my girlfriend, Katy, took me for all you can eat sushi… Talk about a scoff-fest…! I may not look like I eat a lot, but I should enter eating competitions!!!

As an aside, you may be wondering why I’m only posting this now, and not right after my birthday, well… I don’t like blaming people, but institutions/ companies is okay… Metro PCS my phone company basically have been having a ‘hard time’ recently (I think problems with handling growth) So I was unable to upload these photos from my phone until now – over an hour talking to customer service (not really much service!?) to get things remedied.

What was more disappointing, is the international calling program I have with them didn’t work either, so I wasn’t able to call all my family abroad 😦

But at least here’s my post, and an interesting-looking piece of sushi:


I thought this piece looked a little like a Picasso face, but it’s not a very clear photo. The fruit cake thing whatever was a lovely surprise (featured pic) whilst I was going back for seconds or thirds, Katy must have told the wait staff it was my birthday, and they walked in with it singing…!

BUT all in all it was a wonderful day…! Thank you for all the likes, looks, comments, etc.

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