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“Feed The Passion, Not The Greed.”

March 16, 2012

A very happy Friday morning to you all!

I’m very glad to say I’m over my melancholic period, and getting back on track with things – finally! Have a read of this short snippet of a life story and see if you can relate:

This person started off life as a child with a passion and natural ability for acting, but also had multiple other talents. Rather than single-mindedly focusing on that core talent and passion, they were constantly torn between their intuition and a more ‘conventional’ life path suggested by friends, family, and society at large. Without this laserbeam focus, they meandered through life, as a sort of Jack of all trades, dabbling in art, music, acting, business, entrepreneurship, travel, constantly seeking that ‘other’ one thing that would bring them the fortune and stability to pursue their passion, or combine them all into one. After decades of working for other people (circling around their own passions as an unsuccessful hobby) and trying to make money building other people’s dreams in the hope of getting ‘their share’, traveling abroad – or wherever the next greatest opportunity lay! – getting married as the ‘Knight in shining armor’ (to feel better about life!) starting businesses, only to see them fail, losing close friends, sailing very close to the illegal winds of fortune-making, and only experiencing fleeting glimpses of short-lived success (often in the rearview mirror!) They published a book that was almost successful. They produced a record that was almost a hit. They almost had a big break in the field of acting. They almost had a successful marriage, but it ended in divorce. They wrote  scripts that were almost made into movies. It was finally in their forties that they realized a big lesson: “The money is nice, but it’s not important. It is the passion that will constantly drive you forward. It is better to feed your passion, than fuel your greed!”

I hope you enjoyed that story, I like it. I should, it’s mine!

These past few weeks have given me a lot of time to reflect. The story is a little sad in places, but ends in a hopeful message, and I’m hoping the inspiration for a motivational book I am beginning to write  – it’s gestating right now – and will probably have the title of this post as it’s cover title. Most likely I shall post chapters of it up here before finally releasing it as an ebook. I have dabbled in motivational coaching and am really hoping that I can finally combine my passion for acting (showmanship), writing, art, and inspirational guidance all into one via the “Pants-4-Art” project, and fulfill a lifetime goal of making my life have true purpose.

I’m not a Saint, nor am I trying to be. I have finally discovered that it is my PASSION that is keeping me alive, kicking me back on the track of happiness, and herding me towards a destiny I’ve been trying to avoid…! Be happy just being who you are, and don’t focus on being somebody others want or think you should be.

Thank you all so much for following my blog, have a wonderful and safe St Patrick’s Day tomorrow… don’t drink too much, and if you do drink, please, please, PLEASE don’t drink and drive.

Ciao for now!

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