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A Snap-shot of my New Studio Space…

February 14, 2012

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have the chance to share 3,000 square feet of studio space with other totally creative and talented artists…? I’m not sure how many Karma-points this is costing me, but I’m expanding nicely into this wonderful space:

Studio from kitchen area

Living in such an open-plan environment and walking to my workspace has taken a little bit of getting used to (well, actually, no it hasn’t, it’s like I was born to live and work in this much space!!! LOL), but wow…! talk about very convenient tele-communiting…! Due to the bright, natural light in the back far left corner, you can’t really appreciate the depth of the space, but the ceilings are over 10 feet tall, as a rough size gauge, each black/white tile is a square foot.

This picture is looking from almost the far back wall:

Studio from back corner

In the middle section (between the two big screens) you can almost make out some of the space I’m currently using. The more comfortable I get, the bigger the canvasses I’m working on, and the greater the outpouring of abstract expressionism that is gushing forth.

I’m definitely living the life and having a wonderful time with it.

Happy V-Day to you all… not really much of a romantic, so this probably is the most un-Valentine’s Day post on WordPress right now… LOL

NOTE: I’m just amazed that the lady that I’m renting from has been trying to get local artists to come and fill this space (there’s another two floors totally up for grabs at stupidly affordable pricing! It’s 100% code compliant, heat, water, electric… basically move-in ready!) for almost a year. Sadly that just speaks volumes – and answers the question I’ve had for three years – as to why Allentown PA hasn’t grown into more of an artistic destination, with all the talent that is here: people talk a lot, have some serious entitlement issues, but just can’t be bothered to actually get up and get DOING. It’s a shame, there really is a lot of talent here, but sadly, they don’t seem to realize ‘inspiration’ is only 1% of the whole deal.

  1. Anthony,

    Wow, I just realized you tag yourself in posts you write.
    Very good strategy. I definitely learnt something important from you!


    • No worries, mate! Been painting my little heart out… If I knew what a difference having a professional space would do for my work… well, I’d have done it ages ago!

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