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Pants Wish List

February 10, 2012

Well, I’ve been very busy writing letters to celebrities in the US, but I thought it might be a fun idea to post up my ‘Wish List’ of some of the pants I’d like to get and why… here’s a short sample of the people who’s pants (trousers) I’d really like to get my hands on to paint – so if you know them, or want to help me get in touch with them… please let me know!

Sir Richard Branson: He’s been a hero of mine forever. I love his pioneering spirit, his love of life and adventure. The way he has such a happy demeanor about him – he loves what he does and to me it feels like he creates this wonderful energy around him that makes his whole environment a better place to be. I find him inspiring, and he’s done so much for my homeland and other areas of the world. He deserves his success and his Knighthood, all that’s missing is a pair of painted pants by Anthony Donnelly…!

Nelson Mandela: Do I really have to say anything about this incredible man? To endure so much and still be smiling and forgiving of a cruel world. He is an inspiration to the planet. I would love to include his pants in a collaborative multi-pant canvas with other artists of all races, creeds, nationalities, and gender – perhaps Oprah and Obama would consider tossing me a pair of their pants, too?

Monty Python Team: I was weened on these guys, and for me they encapsulate what honest fun is all about. Need I say more?

U2: A musical legend I have followed since Bono’s days of walking across the top of the stage rigging. True advocates for change, peace, and unity in the world. Oh, and they’re also from Ireland.

Sir Paul McCartney: As an avid painter himself and such a musical legend, it would be wrong of me not to want to get a pair of his trousers to paint, or perhaps even collaborate with him on a pair…?

My wish list could go on an on and on… There are so many people I admire and wish to honour through this project, AND raise an awful lot of money and awareness for the small, local charities around the world that just don’t get the exposure they truly need.

All your help and support means the world to me, so please keep following me, liking my posts, and encouraging me to keep going – it really makes a difference, thank you!

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