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The ‘Owl Clock’ Project…

February 7, 2012

“What use are talents, if you don’t put them to good use?”

If I’d had my internet connection, and thought about this a little bit more, I would have taken some before and after photographs to show the transition of this piece, but I didn’t, so I can’t!

My very dear friend, Doug Long (A charity cyclist I affectionately call, ‘The Layman’s Lance Armstrong’) approached me a few weeks ago. “Ant, ya gotta help me out!” he implored. “My sister was tidying up and knocked my Mother’s owl clock off the mantlepiece and smashed it…!”

I know I have a ‘fix-it’ mentality (well, actually ‘If  It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It’, but if it’s‘Real Broke’ I’ll see what I can do!) however, I’ve never attempted to repair anything like this before.

It was very badly damaged – it’s only made of plaster! The baby owl was broken completely off, the left ear of the big owl was totally missing, the perch the little owl sits on was broken off and a huge chunk of plaster missing, the little branch on the right hand side was snapped off, and it basically needed A LOT of work…!

His Mom’s well into her 80s, and as he put it, “She just loves looking at it, it makes her happy!”

Geeze… how can you refuse a request like that?

Since I haven’t moved into my new ‘decked-out’ studio yet, I had to make do with my bed-sit amenities and do the best I could. It was like a 3d jigsaw puzzle (without the lid!) but I laid it out on the floor, glued those bits I could, bought some drywall compound and began sculpting the missing ear and filling in the other missing plaster. After hardening, I sanded it as best I could, and then had to work on the painting… I couldn’t quite mix up the paint right to blend it perfectly, but I added a glaze to the finished piece, so it doesn’t notice so much that it’s been repaired.

It was a labor of love, but it was very satisfying…!

  1. Well done! What good are talons if you don’t put them to good use?

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