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Celebrity Invitations… “Pants-4-Art”

February 4, 2012

Well, since I’m asking celebrities and other famous folks for a pair of their old pants to use as a canvas to paint my artwork on and sell for charity, I thought the very least I could do was to take the time to create special, handmade invitation cards and write each of them a personal, handwritten note, don’t you?

In such a modern, technological world, it is actually very fulfilling and rewarding to be using an ‘old school’ method of communication. Each invitation turns out just that little bit different, so they are all unique invites. some  I have customized even more (like this one for John Travolta, where I added a jet, since I know he’s really into flying!) I figure that if I take the time, the person that gets the card might actually take the time to respond back, and perhaps actually send a pair of autographed pants for me to paint.

John Travolta Invite

Far too many people want something for nothing these days. They want to get, but they are not prepared to put in the time, energy and effort to work for what they want. I always say it’s like birthday or Christmas money (or to some even Welfare money!) somebody else gives you money you didn’t actually have to go out and work for and earn… it has less value and you usually fritter it away on useless stuff. Money that you sweat and toil for ‘feels’ like it has more value, well at least it does to me! Whether I’ll be able to make the time in the future to handwrite and handmake cards for people, I’m not sure – right now I have some time on my hands, but I know I’m going to be really, really busy from March onwards…!

Keep checking back for regular updates… there’s some VERY exciting news going to break soon (wish I could tell you now, as I’m rubbish with secrets, but I can’t!!!)

  1. Hey Anthony,
    Your post is really impressive. These days, people have the desire for all sorts of things, yet they take no actions.
    I am sure if you put time in it, they will take the time to respond too! Keep trying, and eventually you will get a few!
    Good Luck! Don’t Give Up!

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