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A Silly-Chilly Snap…!

January 24, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of artistic research lately, as I’ve been asked to write an article for Krisp Magazine this month, and I needed a little, light relief. Hence yesterday’s post about Katy’s comic wallets, which I’m glad you all liked, and today’s post, which was inspired by all the wonderful snapshots and photographs I’ve been looking at over the past days and weeks!

I went outside for some air last night just as the street lights were coming on, and I saw this sight. It looked to me – through the drizzle – that the tree was trying to warm it’s naked form on the light and warmth of the street light:

Naked Tree Warming Itself By A Lamppost

It’s just a quick snap from my phone, but I thought it was a wonderful, quick image, and how poignant. How often do we feel alone and bare, cold and exposed, feeling vulnerable, and then… on pops a light, some warmth, a chance for hope… and our spirits are lifted?

“Remember, even though you may think you have nothing to give,

you can always give a smile and make someone’s day!”

Perhaps think of this tree image and go out of your way to smile at a stranger, make someone’s day today! Somebody, somewhere could really do with cheering up today, and every day… one day, it might even be you…

Thank You!

  1. What a wonderful thought, Ant! 🙂 I love this photo, as the light kind of looks like the sun which just confused my eye for a moment. 🙂

    • Cheers Katie!

      You always have the right words to say. I’m especially glad you liked it, because all your photos helped prompt me to post this little snap up here!


      And a big thank you to all the folks who’ve liked this post so far… really cool…!

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