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Fun, Cartoon Wallets by Katy Molinaro

January 23, 2012

Happy Monday to you all…!

It’s wet and snowy here, a day to stay indoors and blog, if you are lucky enough to do so. So, that’s exactly what I’m up to – whilst avoiding other things I probably should be doing right now!

Here’s something ‘cute’ for a change…

These are fun wallets that Katy Molinaro makes in her spare time and sells locally to earn a few extra dollars. She is working her way through college at Muhlenburg,  and is one of the artists exhibiting with me at the Art Works show in Allentown, PA. I really like them, and have a personalized one myself with my Egg-spressionist artwork on it (of course!)

I’ve been nudging her to do more to ‘push’ her wonderful and practical artwork on the world, so I thought I’d use my blog to give her work a little ‘egg-sposure‘. Here are some more examples of her wallet designs, which are all made from old comics…

They are large enough to hold your bank notes, credit cards, biz cards, etc. (No space for coins just yet, but they belong in the charity donation jar anyway, right?)

Every time we go out, people always ask her where she got her wallet from, and she’s had two specialty orders come in so far from total strangers who wanted something special. If you’d like to know more about her wallets, or wish to buy one or two (they’re very inexpensive! hint, hint) please drop her an email, she’d love to here from you:

If you like them, please feel free to repost this blog, or put it up on Facebook, etc.

Hopefully she’ll save up enough money for her own website soon!

Thanks again for all your support,

Ant :c)

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