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Celebrity Art Pants: “Git Er Done…!”

January 17, 2012

Right before Christmas, I baited “Larry the Cable Guy” and “Ron White” to a duel… “Send me your pants…!” I asked them… who would be the first to accept?

How very stupid of me to think that “Larry THE Cable Guy” would actually send me his pants!? But this arrived in my mail…

Delivery Notice...

Crazy as I am… I pesuaded my girlfriend, Katy, to drive me all around Allentown to find the Mail Man… She crashed her car! (I don’t have a picture of that, I’m too embarrassed!) BUT… I did find the Mail Man and the box…

Happy Larry Box

I have to tell you – so that you are totally part of this – that I was so excited about even the CONCEPT of getting my hands on Larry’s pants… OMG… do you know what that means to this little project??? No wonder Katy swerved and bashed into another car!!!
The box is too small for it to be a pair of Larry’s pants… but what is it…?

Git er done Hat

A ‘signed’ “Git Er Done” hat… What will I turn this into for charity? Watch, wait, and see…

NOTE: Now I know I’m only going to get a stubbed out cigar dipped in The Maccallan from Ron White…! But I’d prefer a pair of their pants…!

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