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Book Review: “Sideways” by Rex Pickett

January 13, 2012


Continuing my theme of ‘Never Giving Up’, the story BEHIND the story of this novel – and the subsequent runaway success movie (it won over 300 awards) – is well worth the read and you can catch it here at Hard to imagine that the original manuscript for this wonderful novel was REJECTED almost 400 times by a variety of publishing houses… That’s Emersonian persistence, if ever I heard it…!

Anyway, after reading the incredible ‘journey’ behind this novel – and not being a novel-reading kinda chap – I just had to sniff down a copy of it and read it. To say that it sucked me in from page one and delivered me out the other end like a deftly uncorked bottle of wine would be an understatement. Here’s my review, enjoy…

Sideways” by Rex Pickett

This full bodied, fun vintage is a frisky, flirtatious read. Subtly assaulting one’s literary taste buds with delightful hints of irony, quirky humor, and a wonderful nose for storytelling. Although a 2004 bottling, it has lost none of it’s freshness, relateability, nor topicality over the years. Master vintner, Rex Pickett (the T-Rex of authors; vocabulus-maximus) assails our intellect with beautifully descriptive passages that ‘bounce’ us along with his protagonists Miles and Jack, as they follow the wine tasting trails of the Ynes Valley, CA.

A truly riveting read about two buddies coming to terms with middle-age, friendship, and commitment. The versatility of this fine vintage makes it pairable with any dish… If you weren’t into wines before, trust me, you’ll want a great bottle of Pinot by your bedside table to accompany this delicious, literary gem!

Delicious to the very last drop! Will have you wringing the bottle for more… BUT WAIT…! Talking of which, the second label out of this literary winery, “Vertical”, is available in tasting rooms everywhere, now:


NOTE: It would be rather remiss of me to say “Sideways” is the “Hangover” for people with an IQ over 60, so I’d never print that here, but that movie certainly owes a lot to this novel for paving the way for guy-flick roadtip movies in this genre. The fact that I used “Sideways” and “Hangover” in the same sentence twice seems to have upset my pallet… I’ll have to go and take a big gulp of “Vertical” and hope Fox Searchlight gets badgered enough to produce it as a movie in 2013.


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