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No Matter What, Keep Going…!

January 12, 2012

As some of you may know, I’m a huge proponent of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and consider myself a very optimistic realist… okay, most of my close friends would say I’m a huge ‘dreamer’, but I try to keep one foot at least somewhere near the ground.

Time and time again, when I read inspiring true stories about people’s journies to reach a goal or a dream, the thing I hear most is that they were at the point of quitting, giving in, throwing in the towel, close to suicide, broke, depressed… BUT they kept on goingthey didn’t give up…! And then, as if by magic, almost overnight, their dreams came true, they hit their goal.

Right now, at this juncture in my life-journey, I can relate to this 100%, and I want to be totally honest and share my story with you in the hope that perhaps, just like the stories I have read, somebody out there might read this and be inspired to keep on going. It’s worth it, and what is the alternative…?

Many people, especially in the current economy, say, “I’m broke!” but they’re not really, they are scraping by, perhaps, but they are not penniless, without any cash, without food, wondering (optimistically) where the money is going to come from. I am. I recently lost my $8 an hour part-time cleaning job, and were it not for the wonderful charity of friends around me (especially my girlfriend’s family), my rent would not have been paid, thanks to the local food bank I volunteer at I have food, and were it not for my unwavering passion and drive for my Celebrity Art Pants Project and the mammoth power it has to help so many ‘real’ people in need, I probably would have ended my journey.

It is very hard for me to dig this personally and share this with the ‘void’ of cyberspace, but in life we all need to ask for help sometimes. We are conditioned NOT to show signs of weakness. We project an illusion of strength at all times, less we are deemed as prey for the strong and the powerful. This is BULL***T…! Ask for help when you need it, you’ll soon discover who your friends are. And do you really want to waste your time with people that are not genuinely your friends and allies?

I am on the cusp of something truly amazing and enormous right now, and although in a physical or tangible way I am so very, very poor, on a spiritual and emotional level I am elated beyond belief. It is the HOPE… it is my BELIEF… it is the KNOWING about what I am doing and dedicating my life to that pushes me through the ‘struggle’. I will succeed in my journey!

When you are at the bottom, there is only one direction to go: UP.

What keeps me going is the thought that no matter how hard I have it, there are millions of my brothers and sisters that have it SO MUCH WORSE than me. People without access to clean drinking water, food, warmth, shelter, education, simple and basic freedoms. I am blessed to be ‘suffering’ in a land of plenty!

So, my message, my plea…? If you are close to giving up or in despair, KEEP GOING, renew your faith and conviction in what you are doing, and if your aims are honorable, true and good, you will succeed in the end.

The road in life is often bumpy. Just like a kid on a long car ride, you can choose to enjoy the bumps as just part of the ride, or be bored and miserable. It’s your choice. You cannot control the emotions and actions of others, but you are 100% in control of your own. Whatever is happening – good or bad – in your life, be joyous, it is how it is meant to be, it is just part of the journey… Enjoy it to the max!

Thank you all for sharing my journey!

  1. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂
    I fully agree that you just can never give up, although many times it can be tempting.
    I think we all struggle with our own demons and issues, but the only true thing we can do is to continue going in the hope that things will get better.
    I saw a brilliant motivational video recently. I’ll try to find and post.

    Best wishes for the year ahead.

    • Dear K,

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my post AND to share your comment. I means a lot to me when people share.

      Likewise wishing you all the very best for 2012.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Ant. I wish you the best, as I know what this is like. Having friends and help around is the most wonderful thing. Good luck with everything!

  3. Thanks for posting this.

    An excellent post.
    No matter what happens, keep going on. strive for what we believe. don’t settle.

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