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New Developments: “Sell Yer Pants…!”

January 10, 2012
Sell Yer Pants...! #2


I know I keep saying thank you, but this is the first time in my (adult) life that I have truly felt like a little kid at Christmas… EVERY DAY.

I wake up excited, empowered, inspired – still poor as a church mouse, but undeterred in my quest – and truly humbled and grateful for all the love, support, ‘likes’, comments and encouragement I’m receiving for this little project. You are all part of this journey, and I truly hope you are gaining at least some of the excitement I am experiencing from this.

I had a wonderful time being interviewed for the first time this year on the radio by Wendy Smale for yesterday evening, and look forward to coming back on the show with more updates!

Please DO keep telling your friends and spreading the word. If you haven’t officially ‘liked’ the Facebook page (there should be a ‘thingy’ to the right –> or you can click here) Only with all your help and effort can this project get bigger and bigger and eventually have a wonderful impact on the great charitable causes of the world.

You can get more details about the project here: Celebrity Art Pants Project, and please feel free to email or call me with questions.

As a little ‘treat’ or thank you gift to you all for being so supportive, I’m sharing my first mock-up of what will become the second “Sell Yer Pants…!” work, but the first from an actual celebrity (the first pair – the “Wot?” pants – was my inspiration) and if you haven’t already guessed yet who the celebrity is, this should be quite a big clue:

Sell Yer Pants...! #2The dimensions of this mock-up are approcimately 18″ x 18″ and the bottle is 3d, life-sized. The eventual piece will be much larger, dependent upon how much ‘pants’ material I have to work with!

Again, I hope you enjoy this piece, and thank you all very much for your support…!

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  1. How wonderful to be so excited! Congrats on the interview also. And love this mock-up. So full of life and fun. 🙂

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