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Inspiration + Motivation = Results

January 6, 2012

NOTE: Some of my followers and readers on this site may not have been aware that I had (past tense) another site International Brain-Soul Network blog to accompany my self-development group I run in the Lehigh Valley. It’s still up there, but I decided to blend the two blogs together for expediency’s sake. Therefore, from time to time, I shall post something motivational, inspirational, or to do with self-development on this site.

Even us ‘artists’ and creative types need a helping hand every once in  while, don’t we? Whereas I’m consolidating due to time constraints and the success of my artistic projects, a fellow motivational coach, Tim Gillette, from Texas is expanding his blog output. He is keeping his original blog Rocker Life Coach, but noticing a need for helping ‘re-starters’, he has launched a specialty site just for people and businesses that are starting over, very aptly called Start Over Blog. Both are well worth reading. When the motivator needs motivation, where does he go? To another motivator! Thank you Tim.

There’s a lot of movement and activity happening in the art world here in Allentown, PA, and many great ideas and events emulating from the newly formed Lehigh Valley Artist Community on Facebook started by fellow artist, Stephanie Smith. My guidance to the group and those involved with some of the new projects is to realize that Inspiration is the smallest ingredient, motivation to action is the key, and that’s what gets results.

Any cook knows that if you make a batch of cookies and you burn them, or they don’t turn out right, you don’t just stop baking cookies, you try again until you get it right. So you might want to pepper your recipe with a healthy sprinkling of persevierence and whisk tenaciously until fluffy. Just like creating a piece of art, it doesn’t always come out the way you want it first time around, we learn from the experience, we try again, and again, and again.

Set a realistic goal – and set it in concrete with a deadline. Make some solid (yet flexible) plans to reach it. And immediately get into action. You may overshoot your deadline, or surprise yourself and beat it, but the only way you won’t hit your goal is if you stop. It helps if you have a bunch of friends along for the journey, and with almost 300 members now, we’re all in good company!

I thought this was a good topic, since a bunch of people made Resolutions a few days ago…!

Remember, “The Journey IS The Destination” – take time to enjoy the process… it’s not a race, it’s called your Life.

Please continue to help and support my Charity Art Pants Project by getting the word out there, following me on Twitter, and liking my Facebook page. Have a beautiful weekend, y’all…!

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