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Poem: “Peter Pan Is Dead”

January 5, 2012

This poem was written the month before my Father passed away from a heart attack. I was just starting to expand my creative wings again after having been in the ‘stuffy’ world of business for far too long.

Peter Pan Is Dead

Playtime’s over, enough’s enough

Put away your childish stuff

Pack up your games and silly toys

Those are the things of little boys

Grow up! Grow up! You’re now a man.

It’s time to kill off Peter Pan

It’s time to leave Never-Never Land

You must grow up and make a stand

But why? Why? Does Peter really have to die?

It isn’t right! It isn’t fair!

I won’t believe! It isn’t true!

But life is a bulldozer set on destruct:

A rabid Tonka toy on heat

There are women to marry

And children to breed

Careers to be made

Homes to buy

Cars to crash

Worlds to conquer

and graves to fill

And on my headstone it will say:

“Here’s lies the dead remains of a lonely man,

a man that once was Peter Pan.”

(c) 2011, Anthony Donnelly

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