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Finally On Twitter…!

December 27, 2011

“Tweet… Tweet…!”

Okay, so I’m not totally ahead of the curve when it comes to technology – I guess that’s why I still use candles in my artwork!? BUT, I am happy to announce I am now on Twitter. Bear with me on this one, as I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing, so any hints and suggestions would be ace!

I think my tweet ‘name’ (?) is @buyartbyant but don’t quote me on that one!

It was suggested to me that twitter would be a great way to increase my connection to celebrities for the “Sell Yer Pants…!” charity project I’m working on to raise money and awareness for Doug Long’s new oraganization “One Heart Two Wheels” (“Linking The World On Two Wheels”).

As this project is gaining momentum, I’m still going to continue to contact anybody famous (or on their way up the famous ladder!) through the rest of this year and probably well into 2012. I’m hoping that the concept of “Six Degrees Of Separation” still holds true and that as my friends, followers, and new readers hear and share the details of this project, the pants will come flooding in.

It’s no mean feat, and not something I take lightly, as there is very little (if any) margin of error – it’s not like I can keep asking for another item of clothing, if the work turns out ‘unexpected’. I know it’s yet another one of my ‘crazy ideas’, but the response so far has been great and very encouraging, and most of all I’m excited that my talents are being put to a very good charitable cause.

I thank everybody for your continued support. This is a VERY exciting period of my evolution right now, and I’m happy that you can all be a part of this journey!

Ant :o)

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