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Mosaic: “White Horse Dreaming”

December 26, 2011

I can’t tell you how excited it makes me feel to create these mosaics…! They really are becoming rather addictive, and I hope you are enjoying them too. Perhaps because of my early fascination with Roman mosaics as a child (living in a country filled with Roman remains, I guess one can’t help but be influenced in some way!)

Well, here is the second one completed. Again, this was created from another pizza box I had lying around in my studio. Have a look at the bottom of this post for a rather ingenious hanging mechanism I devised, keeping in line with my whole ‘recycled’ theme.

White Horse Dreaming

I won’t bore you with showing you all the steps it took to get to this final piece, but I will share what it looked like before it was “visually encrypted” – to utilize the commentary from Cleveland Wall regarding the first Mosaic – and you can see a very different picture.

Before The White Horse Started Dreaming

I was hoping as I added the white to this piece that there would be enough ‘variance’ to create or build an image with for the final reconstruction, and I think the finished product works rather well – almost has a Dali-like feel to it – and the horse certainly seems to be having an interesting dream, or perhaps nightmare! Actually, “Night Mare” might not be a bad alternative title for this piece…!

And now, for the hidden bit behind the picture… the unique hanging mechanism… Rather simple really:

Beer Can Hanging Mechanism

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