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What I want for Christmas…

December 25, 2011


There will be a celebrity pair of pants (or a part thereof) for auction on Friday 13th, 2012, at the opening night of my art installation at:

  • “Art Mart”
  • The Burrito Works
  • 818 W. Hamilton Street
  • Allentown PA 19101

I have diligently and religiously been sending emails and letters to celebrities asking them  for their clothes to paint upon and sell for charitable causes. My Christmas request to you, if you are brave enough to accept, is that, if you know, or are six degrees away from a celebrity, let them know. Cut and paste this plea:

A strange request…

Charity Art Project: “Sell Yer Pants…!”

A good friend of mine, Doug Long, is launching a new charity early next year and engaging in a number of long distance cycle rides to raise money and awareness for people with cancer and other terminal illnesses. I’ve offered my help as an artist/ actor to boost his launch. I’m reaching out to celebrities and asking for an item of clothing you no longer want/ need upon which I shall paint my artwork and then auction the piece off to raise money for “One Heart Two Wheels”, his charity.

So, the strange request is, if you know a celebrity, ask them,  “Can I have an old pair of your pants, or a shirt?”

I’m more than happy to cover the shipping costs, and if you rub shoulders with any other ‘celebs’, would you mind passing on the word? Many thanks in advance and have a wonderful Christmas holiday and much continued success in the New Year!

Anthony Donnelly
521 West Linden Street
PA 18101

PS – Please have them sign the item of clothing or send a short letter to authenticate the item.

* * * STOP PRESS * * *

Latest celebrity to respond is Rex Pickett (His Website) author of the best selling novel and Accademy Award winning movie “Sideways”. A very big thank you goes out to Rex. Who will be next? We’d love something from Lance Armstrong, as he’s a hero of Doug’s…! Or perhaps the Mayor of Allentown would consider donating a pair of his pants…? Any offers…?

  1. This is great! I hope you get lots of pants! 🙂 Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. Hey Anthony,
    I would love to cover your website on my blog as well!
    Let me know when the time comes!

    and, I am very glad you are loving it, its very satisfying to have such feedback!
    Thank you very much,


    • That’s brilliant news, Brian!

      I really love it when the internet gets used to forward the potential of the collective Human Race. I have truly been ‘bowled over’, humbled, and surprised by the offers of support and the following that is beginning to snowball around my Celebrity Art Pants project to help my friend’s charity.

      I’ll keep you posted on progress. For now, here’s my new Facebook page for the project, please ‘like’ it:


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